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Providing market analysis, including diagnosis and prognosis

Using Our New Research Model:

The Real Estate Cycle Formula™

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✔    Leverage the new Real Estate Cycle Formula ™

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"Real estate is one of those things that is not always black or white. It's hot one minute or crashing in another. Everyone wants to get into it, but there is so much media that it's hard to get past all the noise until you know what to listen for. With REWL' s research, I was able to get past all that, really look at real estate in a pragmatic way and grow my portfolio.  I immersed myself in the economics that drive the real estate market and used that leverage to create cashflow."

"What has me most excited about the real estate wealth lab are a couple of things. The fact that they have market analytics and data for all of North America, the opportunity to invest in deals, the ability to work with joint venture partners, and most importantly, I don't have to do anything by myself."

"Through REWL's newsletter, content, and relationships, I got three things: A real time assessment on the happenings in the real estate world. Information that allows me to see what's around the corner and coming my way. It increases my level of confidence. With this confidence I am very assured of the moves that I am making. Thank you."

An active community of investors, analysts, researchers, and experts

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Leverage the global collective intelligence of $25B in assets under management

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NEW Real Estate Investor Model- The Real Estate Cycle Formula politics, policies, immigration, revitalization and age of digitization (16+ indicators).


In numerous markets so you can diversify your portfolio geographically. Time the markets accurately. 


Monthly digital live events covering the most up-to-date market news. Current and timely data. Q&A. Networking. 

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